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Embracing Freedom: How Glide Marketing is Revolutionising Working from Home


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Here we explain how we do things differently at Glide, including encouraging our staff to wear dressing gowns on their video calls, allowing them to take hour-long daily nap breaks, taking two-hour exercise breaks and working from wherever in the world.

And we can do this despite claims it’s “too laid back”, “lazy” and “unproductive”. In this post, we’ll explain our entire way of doing things, bit by bit, and why.

Mike is a 27-year-old fitness enthusiast who heads up Glide Marketing. Mike designs and sets up our clients’ new websites with solid SEO foundations. He works from home, and his days include working in his dressing gown, marathon training, taking afternoon naps, and meeting with clients. 

Like many busy entrepreneurs, Mike would often witness the symptoms of burnout. If he isn’t actively working, he’s thinking about work. 

He knew that he needed to take more breaks. So, he started to train during the day and take afternoon naps. 

However, he was still determining how to implement the same concept with his team members and expect the same great results.

He came up with our innovative ways of working, and now our employees are more productive than ever!

The results:

  • Happiness levels went up 
  • Productivity increased by 20%
  • Customer delivery speeds went up by 25%


At the core of Glide’s values is an unwavering commitment to health. So, here’s our stance: 

  • No meetings before 10 am.
  • Embracing the power of afternoon naps when needed.
  • Hit the gym when it’s quiet.
  • Video calls calls in dressing gowns and pyjamas!

Why Glide wanted to do this:

“When I took my first steps into the world of freelancing, it wasn’t just about financial success—it was about enjoying the road to get there. For me, that’s living a lifestyle of freedom. I pictured a world where I could work in a beach bar, on a train or in a local coffee shop. Working from different locations helps my creativity. New environments trigger new ideas. I remember once working on a balcony in Sardinia and coming up with my most creative ideas. It’s not just the change of views; sometimes seeing a different culture or way of doing things sparks creativity for me, too.”

How It Works:

The two-hour exercise break

We want our employees to have the opportunity to get to the gym when it’s quiet. Busy gyms create another exercise barrier.

In our commitment to supporting the well-being of our team members, we give them the flexibility to access the gym when they like, avoiding the rush and ensuring a stress-free, focused training experience. 

If they want to go for a run, they can do so in the winter, without it being dark and hazardous outside.

We firmly believe that physical health is integral to overall well-being. Whether it’s early morning, during the day, or late afternoon, we aim to empower our employees to choose a time that suits them best.

This approach contributes to their physical health and positively impacts mental well-being, stress reduction, and increased focus during work hours.


The hour nap break

At Glide Marketing, we’ve incorporated a unique and rejuvenating practice into our work culture: the hour nap break. 

It’s not just about catching some Zs; it’s our strategy to leverage the science of our body’s natural circadian rhythm to enhance creativity and productivity.

In the early afternoon, our bodies experience a surge in adenosine levels. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that builds up during waking hours, promoting a sense of drowsiness and fatigue. We tap into the science-backed benefits of reduced adenosine levels post-nap by aligning our hour nap break during this period.

Taking a nap during this time works wonders for our team members. It’s not just about feeling refreshed; it’s about unlocking a new wave of creativity and boosting productivity. Studies have shown that a brief nap can help clear adenosine from the brain, improving alertness and cognitive function. Napping health benefits

employee working from home in bed wearing pyjamas Glide Marketing

Dressing gowns or pyjamas on video calls

Picture this: a virtual meeting where each team member is comfortable in their dressing gowns or pyjamas. Why? To reduce friction! We firmly believe that open, face-to-face communication is the key to successful remote collaboration. We value seeing faces over email or audio-only phone calls so our team members can see facial expressions and ensure messages have the right tone, boosting empathy. 

The results have been phenomenal. 


“Why don’t all companies do this?” – Alex Rand, Data Science Consultant.

“It makes communication effortless. Productivity has soared, the enthusiasm is contagious, and our collective excitement for the growth of Glide Marketing has reached new heights.” – Mike McDonnell, Founder.


A well-rested team is a high-performing team

Our approach goes beyond the conventional work-life balance; it encompasses a holistic understanding that well-being is crucial in fostering a productive and positive work environment. 

We’re not just encouraging our team to hit the gym or take naps; we’re creating an atmosphere which supports our employees’ choices whilst promoting healthy work-life balance.

We aim to inspire others to embrace a culture that values a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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