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Mike McDonnell and Abbie Tucker-Swift Engagement Photo at RHS Hyde Hall Chelmsford

Romance, Vlogging and Super Danny Clark – March 24 Update


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We’re Engaged!

Mike McDonnell and Abbie Tucker-Swift Engagement Photo at RHS Hyde Hall Chelmsford

I, Mike typing, proposed to my now fiancée Abbie last Thursday, and she said yes!

It was a wonderful day. We spent the next hour or so in the sun at the RHS Flower Garden at Hyde Hall, trying to take in what had just happened… So, it’s wedding planning time now, which we expect to be in a few years.

Now on YouTube

Mike McDonnell Youtube Talking Heads to camera vlogging style

I started a YouTube channel earlier this month aimed at wannabe and beginner Freelancers. I’ll be posting at least one video every month. These will include tutorials and my honest requisition of what being a Freelancer is really like.

Check out my channel here!

Super Danny Clark

Dan Clark Glide Software Developer

Meet Dan, who will work with me to bolster our web design and development service. Dan has strong software development knowledge, which opens up new opportunities now and in the future. He also has a cracking sense of humour, so I’m excited to work alongside him.

High Converting Landing Pages

We now offer a specialist service to design and build conversion-focused landing pages. After speaking with many PPC advertisers and consultants, it was evident that there is a large demand for this.

These landing pages will complement their ad campaigns. They have found that the ads they run for their clients get high-volume clicks, but their bounce rate (the number of users who exit the page quickly) is also high. They believe this is because the pages are not relevant or pretty and are not set up to drive visitors to take the necessary action.

Our service includes professional persuasive message copywriting to persuade your target audience to take your desired action, whether submitting, making a telephone call, or purchasing a product/service.

Our landing page for our landing page design service… >

Where We’ve Been!

London Tech Show

Mike McDonnell Glide at London Tech show in front of the GitHub stand

Coventry with SAM Leisure & Britannia Cues

SAM Leisure Showroom in Coventry

SmartRetail Ecommerce Expo

Seminar at SmartRetail Ecommerce Expo

FutureBuild 2024

FutureBuild 2024 presentation seminar

Search London – SEO Event

Seminar presentation at Search London SEO Event

A project we’ve been working on.

We’ve been working closely with Number Six, a designer clothier, to redesign their online store, which links via an API to their till system.

number six shopify store screenshot



What’s coming up!


Ali abdaal and daniel priestly feel good productivity london


The Pub Show 25-27 Mar – ExCel London

Ali Abdaal and Daniel Priestly 27 Mar – London


International Franchise Show 13th & 14th April – ExCel London

Digital Healthcare Show 24th & 25th April – ExCel London

Thanks for reading our newsletter, I hope it was worth your time. We appreciate your continued support as we grow.

Should you know anyone in need of web design or SEO help, please drop me an email with their contact details and I will reach out to them ASAP.



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