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About Glide Marketing

Meet the Team

Enjoys running, reading, YouTube and watching Man United!

Mike McDonnell

Web Designer & SEO
Plays the electric and acoustic guitar!

Dan Clark

Software Developer
Currently studying Counselling and Therapy

Abbie Tucker-Swift

Accounts and Finance Manager

Likes to read and compose music!

Jerome Reyes

Production Assistant

Loves adventure and to play musical instruments!

Michelle Ann Capacio

Web Developer & SEO

Rebecca Broad

Social Media Manager and Content Writer

Our story

In 2013, Mike McDonnell started offering web design services in Essex to local businesses as a Freelancer. With big dreams, he found a passion for creativity and bringing that online.

In his words, “Building websites for people and businesses feels magical. During secondary school, I was hooked when I first learnt Photoshop and the possibilities of digital creation. I would picture myself designing advertising hoardings and film posters.

But now, I feel like building websites tops that dream. You can pretty much create anything! It’s also great to see how the websites we build serve as an incredible lead magnet for businesses to increase their revenue.”

Why "Glide"?

We chose the name Glide because we recognised the need for a fresh change in digital marketing. We listened to our clients and noticed that there are many clunky, slow-responsive, and overly complex marketing agencies; we stand out for our efficiency and clarity.

We take pride in streamlining the web design and SEO process to make it smooth, clear, and fast. We understand that speed matters in today's fast-paced digital world. We promise to make your project seem effortless, like gliding through the air.